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This chatbot is only in French at the moment. English translation coming soon! Do you need to track the time your team spend on projects? Gryzzly is a Slack bot that makes time tracking fun and easy. Our promise: 99% of the time declared daily!* Gryzzly bot is a tool for the managers: it allows you to keep a clear vision of your projects. • Our dashboard allows you to easily track the profitability of each of your projects. • Our bot collects the time of your teams and alerts you when you go over budget. Find your dashboard at How does it work? 1. Gryzzly contacts each member of your team, once a day, at a time he wishes, to discuss his day with him. He will kindly ask him what projects and tasks he has worked on and for how long. 2. All the times declared by your team with our chatbot are aggregated in your dashboard so that you can follow the consumption of your customer budgets and the time spent on each of them. 3. Gryzzly alerts you in case of needs or over budget upcoming feature Access your dashboard through this magical link: For support, you can reach my creator at — the Gryzzly team **The use of Gryzzly is free for 30 days and then requires a paid subscription to continue using it beyond this period.**

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