Chip Bot

About this bot

Chip is showing the UK’s 14 million millennials how to save money and feel good about it. It's an automatic savings app which does all the hard work to make saving money as easy as spending it. We realised there had to be a better way to save money. We didn't want to compare savings accounts and search for high interest rates. And we didn’t have time to spend hours on budgeting and personal finance each month - just using online banking is bad enough. Chip saves money in an intelligent way, based on your spending patterns. The algorithm calculates how much you can afford to save, without having an impact on your life. Chip automatically transfers small amounts of money from your current account into your Chip savings account, every few days. A Chip account is a high interest savings account and you can boost your interest rate by 1% for every friend you invite. You can also break open the piggy bank any time, making Chip one of the best instant access savings accounts around. And the chirpy chatbot interface makes it all a bit of fun. 😎

How to use

The bot developer has not added command information yet.

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