GorillaStack AWS ChatBot Bot

GorillaStack AWS ChatBot
GorillaStack AWS ChatBot
About this bot

Track any AWS CloudTrail event in Slack • Receive notifications for any CloudTrail events you choose • Notify single users or whole channels • Choose who to notify each time – ensure the right user is aware of each critical event! • Receive detailed information for each notification, on demand! As part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to the DevOps and Amazon Web Services community, GorillaStack has made public it’s CloudTrail listener for Slack. Have you got multiple team members responsible for managing different parts of your AWS infrastructure? Got a SecOps manager who needs to know about a Non-MFA Logins? Got a DevOps who needs to know when an instance status has changed? Eliminate delay with notifications for AWS CloudTrail events specified by you, the user. Take the pain out of combing through CloudTrail logs to audit Role or User changes by receiving instant updates in Slack.

How to use

The bot developer has not added command information yet.

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