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Now, you can ask Alexa to deliver anything from your Amazon Restaurants order history. If you’ve ordered from Amazon Restaurants before, just enable the Amazon Restaurants skill on any Alexa-enabled device, such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap. Then say, "Alexa, order from Amazon Restaurants.” Alexa will suggest meals from your order history to be delivered to your default address. Confirm the order, and that's it—your meal is on its way.Amazon Restaurants is available to Prime members in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Manhattan, Miami, Minneapolis, Northern Virginia, Orlando, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and the Eastside, and Tampa.To learn more about Amazon Restaurants, go to to help us improve? Send feedback or suggestions to We appreciate it!

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