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About this bot

Ozlo is a personal AI (artificial intelligence) that makes finding information from your phone faster and easier. You interact with Ozlo by engaging in a back and forth text conversation and he provides answers in neatly presented cards with deep links to the apps and websites that provided the information. While Team Ozlo has been working on building and teaching him for 2.5 years, he is just getting started. Because he’s an AI, he will evolve and become more sophisticated the more he interacts with people — increasing his ability to understand the world around him, thus, increasing his ability to help you (quickly!). Ozlo Inc. is based in Palo Alto, CA and Seattle, WA. The company was founded in November 2013 when co-founders Charles Jolley and Mike Hanson saw an opportunity to change the way people search on their phones. Team Ozlo consists of experts across a variety of disciplines, including: artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and interactive fiction. Today Ozlo is available as an iOS app and focuses on helping people find places to eat and drink, but he’ll eventually have many more ways to interact with users and will grow to help them across a wide variety of domains.

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