About this bot

Chat with OWLY - it’s fun and can help you when you are trying to make a decision or inspire you with a morsel of wisdom. OWLY is designed to answer your questions and can give advice in different life situations. There are many topics to select from - love, work, money… anything and everything. Just ask OWLY and you can find out what life has in store for you. OWLY can become your good friend, and as it gets to know you more, it will be able to tailor its answers to your specific needs. . Try it, it's really exciting! If OWLY asks you a question, try to answer honestly, and your chats with OWLY will become more helpful and entertaining! Don’t be too hard on OWLY - as in any relationship, you may not be totally in sync at the beginning, but the more you chat with OWLY, the faster it learns and adapts. Share OWLY with friends, because the more people interact with OWLY, the smarter it will become. An internet connection is required to chat, because OWLY uses neural networks to learn and improve its answers. OWLY is powered by AI and our team works in the background to help OWLY to be more intelligent and human-like. Disclaimer: This app is intended solely for entertainment purposes and may not be used as a substitute for professional advice and/or information. The developer shall have no liability for any actions taken or not taken by any user based on its interactions with OWLY.

How to use

The bot developer has not added command information yet.

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