About this bot is a Facebook Messenger bot designed to keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Jolt does this by blending behavioral psychology with an extrinsic rewards system to keep you accountable to your goals on a daily basis. Jolt can sync with existing fitness trackers and recognizes 100's of activities logged directly in Messenger. As you track your activity with Jolt, you earn a currency called JoltCoins, which can be used to redeem free goods like Amazon gift cards and even an Apple Watch. Jolt also utilizes group dynamics to keep you on track by connecting you with other humans who have similar goals. You can send and receive encouragement or pit yourself against worthy opponents in head-to-head competition. Chatting with Jolt is texting with a friend who loves cat gifs and sends you Starbucks Gift cards when you hit your fitness goals. Best. Friend. Ever.

How to use

The bot developer has not added command information yet.

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