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Hunt the Yeti
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Hunt the Yeti (or Yeti Hunt) is an interpretation of the game Hunt The Wumpus (1972). In this game, you guide a hunter through a dark cave to discover the location of the yeti. Once you have helped the hunter locate the yeti, tell the hunter to throw the hunter's only spear in the direction of the yeti. If you are right about the location, you will help the hunter defeat the yeti! If not, the yeti will eventually find the hunter. In this version of the game, the hunter is lost in a 5 by 5 cave. There are open pits, bats, and a single yeti. You hear the bats flutter, feel the breeze from the open pit, or smell the yeti near by. Bats will pick the hunter up and drop the hunter in a random (safe) location. If the hunter falls into a pit, the hunter dies and the game is over. If the hunter walks into the yeti, the yeti attacks and the hunter dies. Only the hunter is capable of moving, but the hunter only has one spear, so make it count! The game will guide you about where open rooms are, but it won't tell you what are in those rooms. It's up to you to use deductive reasoning to figure out where the Yeti and other traps are located. Good luck! You may also say a direction and the hunter will automatically move in that direction. (For some reason, I have trouble moving the hunter "south". Maybe it's an issue with my accent. For that case, I say "move south".)Full source code and acknowledgements are on the game's GitHub page:

How to use

begin game - Starts a new game., how to play - Reminds the player how to play., overview - Provides a short overview of Hunt the Yeti., pause - Provides a short prompt and allows the player to think, move [direction] - Moves the hunter in a particular direction., throw [direction] - Throws the spear in a particular direction.A direction is always north, south, east, or west.

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