Miller Time: A Drizly Experience Bot

Miller Time: A Drizly Experience
Miller Time: A Drizly Experience
About this bot

Get beer delivered to your pad without lifting a finger! You’ll need a Drizly account to enable this skill. Currently, Drizly service is available in these markets but please check back as we’re always adding new ones to this list! Once you’re all set up, it’s simple. Just say, "Alexa, start Miller Time" and Miller Lite will be delivered to your door in an hour or less.You can also check your order status by saying, “Alexa, ask Miller Time for my order status.” And if you forget anything just say “Alexa, ask Miller Time for help.”If you want to see what is available, simply ask, “Alexa, ask Miller Time what’s currently available for delivery.” To get instructions on how to change or cancel your order say, “Alexa, ask/tell Miller Time to cancel/change my order.”LEGAL NOTICE:Users are responsible for all orders placed.Drizly account credentials will be required to set up this experience. MillerCoors will not store any data.All users must be 21+. Delivery personnel will ask for an ID and use proprietary Drizly technology on their smartphones to check the validity of a customer’s form of identification. You may also be asked to produce the credit card used to make the purchase.©2016 Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WIGreat Beer, Great Responsibility ®

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