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GroupGame Bot
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No more fun in any of your group chats? Looking for something to do to interact with friends? Look no further than the best group game bot on the Kik Bot Shop! We support a variety of different game modes to make sure you and your friends never get bored. Challenge your friends to games and see who comes out on top! The current game modes are: - Dice Roll - Trivia - Truth or Dare - Who? The dice roll is just like the traditional dice roll game, see who has the most luck. Place your (fictional) bets and let the bot do the rest. Let the RNG decide who wins. Our trivia mode will provide you with a wide selection of questions to ask. See which one of your friends can store the most facts and answer the questions as fast as you can! The truth or dare mode will give you questions to answer truthfully or a dare to complete. This is a great chance to get answers from your friends and see them do all kinds of wild stuff. Finally, our Who gamemode is to randomly select a user. Find out who has to do the dishes tonight, find out who should decide on the next game. Any random selection should be handled with this mode! Every so often, we will ask for user feedback. If there is enough demand for a new gamemode, it may be added in future versions!

How to use

The bot developer has not added command information yet.

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