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Ask The Caterpillar
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Ask The Caterpillar is a harm reduction assistant that allows people easy access to information about substances so that they can make informed choices. This smart assistant can provide you with accurate info about substance's effects, toxicity, dose information, purity testing, tolerance, safety, or drug interactions. The philosophy behind it: Harm Reduction is a philosophy that accepts that people will choose to use psychoactive substances and seeks to minimize any harms that may occur from those choices. Accurate information about the effects of substances, effects of different doses, and interactions with other substances is an essential part of making informed choices about substance use. Many people find themselves using substances in situations in which researching things on the internet may be the last thing on their minds. The hope of Ask The Caterpillar is that providing people with multiple ways of easily accessing substance information by texting a quick question will increase the likelihood of making an informed choice. Other channels: You can talk to The Caterpillar using different channels like for example messenger, slack, SMS (US only) and Telegram. Find out more on Credits: I made this Google Assistant as my contribution to the project Ask The Caterpillar, which was created by Eric Stiens (@mutualarising). I used his Ask The Caterpillar API, and he used TripSit and PsychonautWiki APIs :) DISCLAIMER: We do not advocate the use of drugs. This app is for harm reduction purposes. The information provided by the app is not a substitute for advice from a medical professional. If you feel that you might be abusing drugs, you can call this helpline to get advice and find out about your treatment options 1-888-744-0069 (

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