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There are over 500 million small business owners on the planet. Sadly however over 50 million businesses fail each and every year. So we set out on a mission to make education accessible and support instant to millions of business owners around the world. Introducing BRiN - Your Personal Business Advisor. BRiN is a smart-phone app that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide human-like support to millions of business owners simultaneously. Using a simple and elegant chat interface BRiN is able to pinpoint your business problems and give you solutions and recommendations within micro-seconds. Plus to assist BRiN to do her job we’ve developed one of the world’s largest libraries of education videos for business owners. With over 1000 video lessons to choose from, BRiN can give you the specific knowledge you need, when you need it most. To find out more about BRiN and download the App visit:

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